New Week Means New Weather Pattern!

With the unofficial start to summer now just a week away, it’s appropriate we transition to more of a summery set-up!  That’s what we’ll be doing over the next 48 hours!


What that means is we’re to expect temperatures several notches above average, increasing humidity, and just isolated showers and thundershowers around the peak heat of the day.

Outdoors now, as of 3pm, our temperatures are running 3-5 degrees above what’s typical for mid-late May…


Sunshine continues to rule, with just a few high clouds rolling in over the western horizon…


If you have evening plans, there’s no concern for rain.  The effects of high pressure in our neighborhood are still too strong.  Notice the high clouds increasing by that time…

DT Skycast Evening

Tomorrow, the same system making all the clouds (and rain as well) over Kansas and Oklahoma will slide into Tennessee, so during the afternoon & evening, we’ll have just the slightest shower/storm chance.  See below for how little FUTURECAST is painting in terms of rain for us…

For the rest of the week, count on only slightly better chances for daytime heating triggered showers & thunderstorms….and more HEAT!  Coming up today on Channel 4 News, beginning at 4pm, we’ll get more specific on the rest of the week and have all you need to know for making outdoor plans for this Memorial Day weekend!



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