WEATHER SNAPSHOT: 4 Things to Know

After a fantastic, fall-like weekend with tons of sunshine throughout, our weather’s changed a bit today.  Moving forward, there are 4 things to know that’ll help ensure you’re prepared for what the rest of this week dishes out…

1) Clouds in Control

What a change we’ve had outdoors today with all these clouds.  The day started cloudy…and will finish just the same.  Here’s a view over downtown right now (as of 3pm)…


Notice how gray the weather is over the Midwest, Deep South, and Eastern Plains states…


While there WILL be some sunshine this week (some tomorrow, and a bit more on Wednesday, and at least the first half of Thursday), clouds will win out.  Friday in fact looks completely cloudy!

2) Unsettled:  Rain from Time to Time

While we’re not concerned about flooding materializing as we had last week, some rain is likely from time to time.  Tonight and tomorrow will bring about a few showers and possibly a thundershower.  There shouldn’t be a whole lot on Wednesday or Thursday though.

Right now, showers are developing over the Memphis area, spreading in this general direction.


FUTURECAST shows a few more from time to time, beginning this evening…


3) Typical Temperatures

With clouds and occasional showers, temperatures won’t get out of control this week.  It’ll be cool at night and mild or even warm during the day.  Hot spells have taken a vacation AT LEAST for the next week!

4) Week Ends with a Soaking!

Friday will bring our best chance for rain & thunderstorms.  While the set-up right now doesn’t look impressive at all (not overly likely to produce severe storms), we’ll still have to monitor that day as we head through the week.  Heavy rain is likely then, with some areas possibly picking up more than 1″.

Coming up today on Channel 4 News beginning at 4pm, we’ll have more on the rain likelihood this week….and give our initial thoughts on weather this coming weekend, as well!



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