WEEKEND: A Taste of Fall

The weather today has just been off the charts gorgeous…hasn’t it?  We have sunshine galore and pleasant temperatures, with just a light breeze.

Tomorrow will bring some changes though.  They’ll begin during the morning as a cold front moves through.  Expect a band of clouds and in a FEW spots a sprinkle or a very brief shower.  FUTURECAST shows that well …

Behind that cold front, temperatures will only climb slightly throughout the rest of the day.  A gusty northwest breeze will also set up.  SO…if you’re going to Steeplechase our forecast hasn’t changed. Many of you will want a light jacket for the morning at least.  Bear in mind that the wind may be a battle for anyone wearing a hat, as well (the thousands of you)!

The Portland strawberry festival forecast also looks very good, albeit a little cool for the middle of May.


Tomorrow night, temperatures will drop well down into the 40s.  In the coldest spots, we may even have some upper 30s!

Sunday afternoon looks about as cool as Saturday, with clouds rolling in late.  Rain will reenter the picture on Monday, so make sure you take your umbrella as you leave the house early that morning.

Coming up today on Channel 4 News beginning at 4 PM, we’ll let you know when rain is most likely to develop in your area on Monday and talk about our likelihood for strong thunderstorms later in the week.


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