Unsettled Week Ahead!

Last week, the main weather story dealt with temperature, since we had many cool nights and even a few cool days.  This week, occasional rain and increasing humidity will grab the headlines!

Even though we’re closing in on the middle of May, there haven’t been very many humid days this spring.  This week, that will change, as a nice persistent south wind sets up.  Today, tonight, and tomorrow will all be breezy.  That’ll help pump dew points up into the 60s by tomorrow afternoon.  See below for what that’ll feel like…

DT Dew Point Scale Increasing

Because of the wind pattern in the upper atmosphere, we’ll also have to deal with some rounds of showers and storms this week.

Right now, there’s not much out there for rain…and only SOME of it’s reaching the ground.  4WARN Live Doppler shows the coverage of rain showers as of 1:55pm.  If rain moves in for you, it should be rather light and exit quickly.


This is GREAT news for people going to the Preds Plaza Party tonight and/or the game in Bridgestone Arena.  Here’s that forecast…


Notice over Arkansas and Missouri this afternoon, there’s a decent shield of showers & storms.  That’ll move into our area tonight, while beginning to fizzle…


Here’s a look at FUTURECAST, which shows what happens as that rain moves in…

Tomorrow, any sunny breaks could lead to a few showers and thunderstorms, a few of which could become strong-severe during the late afternoon and evening.


Then, tomorrow night, we’re seeing signs that rain and storms will move in from Kentucky.  These too will have the potential to be strong-severe, mainly due to some stronger wind gusts.

DT 4 RPMb 12KM WxType Stationary5

Our chance for rain will linger into Thursday.  Coming up today on Channel 4 News beginning at 4pm, we’ll tell you more about that.  We’ll also have the latest positioning and track on any showers moving through that could impact our weather this evening.




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