Swapped MAY for MARCH!

Walking around outdoors today, you might have thought we swapped May for March!  Our high at the Nashville International Airport was just 60 — 16 degrees BELOW average!

Check this out…

DT Social Panel Pictures Tunnel2

A Channel 4 viewer tweeted this photo of the approach to Clingman’s Dome along the TN/NC border in the Smokies.  They actually picked up some snow!!

It’s a pretty night outdoors here, now.  This is the view moments ago in Clifton (Wayne County)…


Clouds continue to rotate through, but they’re shrinking in coverage and will collapse in most spots by midnight.


It’s very chilly out now, as well.  As of 8pm, temperatures are in the 50s — our average LOWS for the date…


Tomorrow, we’ll start off almost COLD, but the afternoon will feature a nice turnaround.  Here’s a look at your lows and highs for Friday.  Expect sunshine all day!

This weekend, temperatures will continue to climb.  Tonight on Channel 4 News at 10pm, Lisa Spencer will have a look at what you can expect on Sunday — Mother’s Day!

Mothers Day 2010




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