UPCOMING WEATHER: 4 Things to Know

There are 4 things to know about our upcoming weather to help prepare you for the next week.  They are…

1) Dig Those Jackets Out!

Get this — on March 15th (almost 2 months ago), we hit 87 degrees!  Now…in early May, we’re expecting many mornings this week with lows only in the 40s.  We’ll start that trend tomorrow morning with the temperatures shown below…

DT 4 RPM 12KM Temperature

Thursday and Friday mornings will be at least as chilly.  A few towns may even dip into the upper 30s early Friday.

2) Umbrella Needed Tomorrow

After just a sprinkle or light shower in spots this evening (we have one ongoing now (8:15pm) around Waverly), widespread showers and thundershowers are in store for tomorrow.  Some could be strong….especially during the mid-late afternoon over southernmost Middle Tennessee.  Here’s a look at what the strongest ones should be like….

DT Straight Line Wind.png

Below shows the area where I expect the heaviest storms to be…


Timing of all this wet weather is shown with FUTURECAST here.

SO….count on showers to be along and south of the I-40 corridor during the lunch hour.

3) A Hot Weekend’s in Store!

In case it’s been stealthy as it’s been sneaking closer, Mother’s Day’s this coming weekend.  The weather looks nice for all the moms out there!….and warm, too.  After talking lows in the 40s this week, both Saturday & Sunday will feature highs in the middle 80s.  What a turnaround!

4) Good Chance to Wash Your Car

I don’t wash my car unless I know I’ll have at least 3 or 4 days to enjoy it all clean.  After the rain clears the area tomorrow, if you live west of I-65….go for it.  You’ll be safe to do so.  If you live east of I-65, I’d hold off until Thursday afternoon, when showers begin exiting eastern Middle Tennessee.  Then, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday (for most of us) should be dry.

Tonight, on Channel 4 News at 10pm, Lisa will give you a heads up on what next week looks like, so be sure to tune in then…



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