More Active Weather Coming!

What an odd April it’s been.  Typically, this is a rather wet month.  However, so far we’ve only picked up 0.52″ of rain at Nashville International Airport.  That’s almost 3″ below average for just the last four weeks!

What you see below is becoming an increasingly common sight across Middle Tennessee.


Meanwhile, it’s also been hot since the middle of the month!  Check out temperatures as of 2pm.  Bear in mind, the average high for April 25th is just 73 degrees.


This week, we’ll keep well above average warmth… that aspect won’t change.  However, showers and thunderstorms will become more common, especially by Wednesday afternoon & Wednesday evening.  This anticipated change will be in response to our warmth, humidity (that will be increasing), and the big cluster of clouds you see over the Rocky Mountains right now…


As that cloud system chugs eastward, it’ll help kick off a significant severe weather outbreak tomorrow afternoon and evening in the Plains states…


On Wednesday, scattered showers and thunderstorms will be more likely in our area….especially later in the day.  A few storms could be strong-severe, primarily west of  Nashville.  Check out the Storm Prediction Center’s outlook for Wednesday, as of now…


Some early-day showers and non-severe storms here in Middle Tennessee could disrupt our chance for severe weather later that day.  That’s a key aspect of this system we’ll be watching.  Coming up today on Channel 4 News at 4pm, 5pm, 6pm, & 6:30pm, we’ll share the latest run of FUTURECAST, which is still coming in at this very moment.  That’ll help shed light on the storm timing you can expect in your area.


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