Can it Really Rain Animals?

While we’ve had absolutely gorgeous weather over the last 3 days, Houston has gotten pummeled.  Have you heard?  Their heaviest rain fell overnight.  In some spots, rain gauges measured more than a foot!  See the rain estimates below from Doppler radar…


The heaviest was in the white, where more than 12″ have fallen so far.

SO….as it was pouring outside, surely some of the residents in that area thought, “It’s raining cats & dogs out there!”  BUT….has it ever really rained cats & dogs?

There are no verified reports in history of that happening.  It’s not even clear exactly where or when that phrase originated.  However, it HAS rain frogs and fish before.  It’s also rained snakes & snails!  There are many examples in history of this happening.   Case in point — as recently as the year 2000, fish rained from the sky over Great Yarmouth, England!

This was all made possible by a nearby tornado.  Sometimes, a large tornado passes directly over a very small pond and completely drain its water.  With the water goes everything else — fish, frogs, snakes, etc….up into the sky!  Eventually, that water and all those animals are tossed out of the tornado’s circulation, landing in random places like people’s yards, highways, and shopping centers.  Thankfully, for the animals’ sake and for ours, it doesn’t happen often.

Waterspouts can do it just the same….like the one shown here.


We have some rain in OUR forecast (not animals….just rain).  For some people in Middle Tennessee, it’ll arrive as soon as Wednesday.  Coming up on Channel 4 News at 4pm, I’ll detail when it’s expected in your area.  I’ll also have an update on this coming weekend’s weather outlook.


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