COLD FRONT….Can’t Miss It!

Some of you already know that prior to moving to Nashville, ten years ago, I worked in New Orleans at the NBC affiliate — WDSU-TV.  One day while living there, I was at the gym lifting weights.  A trainer, who was also a friend, approached and said, “Man…Dan!!  You NAILED that forecast!  You told me that cold front was coming through around 9 and you were right on!  I’m never watching anybody but YOU!!”

I smiled, thanked him, we chatted for a few minutes, and then both went on with our workouts.   What I didn’t tell him is that tracking and timing the passage of strong cold fronts is actually one of the EASIER things we as meteorologists do!

The way weather usually works is that strong systems are easier to track and forecast for than weak systems.  This isn’t always the case, but generally speaking it is.  That cold front in New Orleans was a piece of cake to time out.  I looked like the biggest WEATHER HERO!  BUT, there were also countless weaker weather systems that made me pull my hair out.

Tonight, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to find the cold front moving through OUR area.


Do you see it?  Sure you do!  Of course I helped a little by adding the winds and the big blue line :).  Even without those though, I’d be willing to bet most of you would have found it.

The radar shows it nicely, too.  Check out 4WARN Live Doppler…


There’s a line of showers on its leading edge, around Springfield, Pleasant View, Dickson, and Waverly.

Tonight, that front will steadily move southeastward, causing temperatures to drop 6-8 degrees in just a couple hours’ time as it passes by.  Expect it around Murfreesboro, Baxter, and Columbia by 9-9:30pm.  The front will swing through Manchester, McMinnville, Jamestown, and Elkton between 11pm and midnight.

By dawn tomorrow, we’ll start off in the 40s and end the day on a cooler note — in the upper 50s and lowermost 60s…

Coming up tonight on Channel 4 News at 10pm, Lisa Spencer will track any lingering showers and time their exit from your community.



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