April 8: Showers Today, Chilly This Weekend, Daily Links


By the time the second weekend in April rolls around, you’d think we’d see consistently spring-like weather…but that certainly won’t be the case this weekend!  Temperatures today won’t even reach 60 degrees, thanks to intermittent clouds and a strong northwesterly breeze:

Spotty showers are possible again, especially in the eastern half of the Midstate from midday through the afternoon:

We’ll dry out for a while this evening — I don’t anticipate any rain delays for the Sounds game this evening, but you’ll want to bundle up a bit for the cool and breezy conditions:

One last ripple in the upper atmosphere will squeeze out one last batch of showers around midnight and into early Saturday morning:
Yes, it’s possible that the Cumberland Plateau could see a brief rain/snow mix, but it won’t stick.  Ground temperatures are well above freezing, and air temperatures will still be above freezing at that point as well.

Once the showers depart, temperatures will drop to the low to mid 30s by early Saturday morning:

That’s cold enough to prompt a Freeze Warning in effect from 1am until 8am Saturday morning:
Lincoln, Moore and Franklin counties aren’t included because those three counties get their advisories from the NWS office in Huntsville, which has elected to not post a Freeze Warning at this point.  The average last spring freeze in Nashville is April 6, so we’re really not THAT far off our “normal” schedule.

Not much of a warm-up in store Saturday, despite abundant sunshine — high temperatures will only reach the mid 50s.  Another drop to the mid 30s by early Sunday morning, but strong southerly winds will help push highs up to the mid 60s by Sunday afternoon.  Those southerly winds could also bring just enough moisture to produce a shower or two, which is reflected in Sunday’s don’t-worry-about-it 20% rain chance:
A much better chance of showers and thunderstorms is still in the forecast Monday, but at this point I think our severe weather looks limited…not zero, just unimpressive.  We’ll keep a close eye on it over the weekend in case things change.



Plenty of good nerdiness to send you into the weekend in proper fashion…

  • During our morning newscast, I promised you this link: what are double rainbows, and how do they form?
  • Panasonic claims to have developed a global weather model that out-performs the best publicly-available model (the European), and the way they’ve done it is really smart.
  • Ten facts about the Fujita Scale, including my pet peeve — the Fujita Scale rates damage, not the tornado itself.
  • Climate models have been consistently painting a pessimistic picture of the rate at which the atmosphere is warming…and they may have actually been underestimating one key factor.
  • The latest asteroid/comet impact on Jupiter (last month) highlights the impermanence of our solar system.
  • Lots of stuff in the space-nerd-ness about “Planet Nine” — the hypothesized-but-not-yet-spotted planet way WAY out in our solar system.  Even though it hasn’t been directly observed, researchers are already able to make estimations about how big it is, what its temperature is, and other properties.
  • If Planet Nine exists, here’s where it may have come from.
  • Astronomers estimate that the known Universe contains 100 billion galaxies.  That’s a huge, HUGE number — so how did they arrive at that calculation?
  • Toyota is opening a third research lab in the United States to further study the technology of self-driving vehicles.
  • Meanwhile, there’s a convoy of self-driving trucks making its way across Europe right now.
  • If that makes you a little skittish about artificial intelligence, take heart — you probably won’t be obsolete for a long time, if ever.
  • It’s not just backyard sky-watchers that have to contend with urban light pollution…here are some of the other environmental impacts.
  • Scientifically speaking, what makes a person creepy?  (And yes, men are more likely than women to be evaluated as such.)

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