Winter Turns to Summer….in ONE Day!

The calendar says winter, but the thermometer says late June!  The numbers for today, March 15th, are astounding!  Have a look…


It’s been more than five months since we’ve been this hot!  I noted it was the hottest winter day ever in Nashville.  By that I meant in recorded history — since Nashville’s weather records began, in 1871!  Our 39-degree jump was actually the 193rd biggest temperature climb we’ve ever had over the last 74 years!  The record for this was set back on January 23, 1963, when Nashville soared from -13 degrees all the way to 48 (an increase of 61 degrees in just one day)!

Speaking of that big temperature increase, you might wonder: “How in the world can it get so hot on a winter day?”  The reason has to do in part with what was happening just above our heads, this morning.

On a day like today, the air we feel when we walk outdoors it heated from above AND below.  You might think the sun heats the air from above, but that’s not true.  The sun actually warms the ground.  The ground in turn is what heats the air.


Warming also happens from above, because air just above the ground (we’re talking 1,000 feet up) on days like today is VERY warm….all day and all night.  It never cools off.  For example, while it was 48 degrees outdoors this morning at the Nashville Airport, just 1,000 feet above the airport’s runway it was 63 degrees!  When the wind started blowing just after sunrise, some of that warmer air above mixed down to the ground, causing our temperature outside to skyrocket!

We’ll cool off in a big way as we approach this weekend!  Join us tonight on Channel 4 News at 10pm for an update on that!



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