A Very Different Look at Rain!

We all know what a rain shower looks like.  Sometimes the drops that fall are very big, like when it’s pouring outside.  At other times, they’re quite small, like when we have mist or drizzle.  BUT…how about from above?  What do rain showers look like from a top-down perspective?

Just over a week ago, the mom of the woman who writes our 4pm newscast had that opportunity….and what she witnessed was actually quite rare!  On her morning flight back to Nashville, take a look at what she was able to see…


What looks like a bright white tiny “cloud mountain” is actually a single developing rain shower, in a sea of other clouds.  Chances are, this shower was only producing a few sprinkles at the ground, at that moment.  Here’s a more zoomed in view…


Notice how level the surrounding clouds are.  They’re flat like that because the air that morning was very stable.  However, in that one isolated spot, there was enough rising air for a tiny shower to form.

Usually, when we have rain showers forming and you’re in an airplane looking down, there are several of them, if not dozens, like shown below…


However, on that unique morning there was just ONE!  As opposed to it being like finding a needle in a haystack, it was more like spotting a haystack amongst a bunch of needles!

After rain showers and a few thunderstorms today, tomorrow’s big story will be heat!  Some spots will soar into the 80s!  Coming up tonight on Channel 4 News, I’ll show you just how warm it’ll be in your town and how radically different our weather will be this weekend!


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