Heavy Storms, Record Heat, & a Cool Blast!

There’s a lot going on with our forecast for the next 7 days!  The action begins as soon as tonight…

Right now, strong-severe thunderstorms are rolling through central Arkansas, toward Tennessee.  They’ll cross the Tennessee River late tonight, shortly after midnight.


As they enter our area, some of these storms could produce wind gusts to 50mph and dime size hail.  In support of that, the Storm Prediction Center has Memphis in a slight risk for severe weather and our westernmost counties (essentially Henry, Benton, Decatur, and Hardin counties….& points west) under a marginal threat for severe weather (which, for comparison, is less significant than Memphis’ “slight risk”).



As this rain and the embedded thunderstorms push eastward, they’ll weaken considerably.  For that reason, our only severe weather threat is along the Tennessee River….and it’s minimal.  Take a look at FUTURECAST’s depiction of the storms moving through.  It looks very believable to me.


Rain will gradually depart tomorrow, from west to east.  DO expect a wet morning drive in some areas.  However, the showers will be moving along fairly quickly….so rain it might rain for half your drive, but likely not the whole thing.  After midday, only isolated showers will remain, with the focus east of I-65.


On Tuesday, gusty southwesterly winds will develop in our area.  That’ll pump our temperature to or even above 80 degrees for the first time since last fall!  Officially, I expect Nashville’s high to be 82, which will tie the record for the date.


From that point on, temperatures will begin a gradual drop-off, day by day.  By NEXT weekend, as spring begins, it might feel winterlike at times actually!  While we’ll have highs in the lowermost 50s, overnight lows will be in the 30s and 40s.  It’s even possible a few wet snowflakes will mix in with departing rain on the Cumberland Plateau on Sunday morning.

Tonight, on Channel 4 News at 10pm, I’ll update you on the storms moving in from Arkansas, letting you know if they’re behaving or not.  I’ll also have a new run of FUTURECAST that’ll show a more up-to-date look at how the morning drive’s weather is likely to go.


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