Mixed Bag Weekend in Store

This weekend, you’ll want to be prepared for rain to move through at times.  If you have outdoor plans, I wouldn’t change a thing!  Plans will go off without a hitch for many.  For others though, you’ll need to pause your time outdoors for a bit, or run the risk of getting wet!


Tomorrow, expect spotty showers, drizzle, and mist through mid morning.  Then, likely, our area will be just mostly cloudy for several hours.  Late in the afternoon as it heats up (mid 70s for highs), more spotty showers and thunderstorms will develop.


WSMV Day Planner Half


Tomorrow night, a period of steady/heavy rain is likely with some thunder.  Notice how FUTURECAST swings it through.  Some of that rain will linger into early Sunday morning.


During the day on Sunday, after the morning rain departs, we’ll likely have lots of clouds, warm conditions, and then just spotty showers later in the day.  Sunday night, a band of heavy downpours will move through again.


Sunday evening, over West TN and western Middle TN, a couple storms could be strong with gusty damaging wind or even small hail.



Some of this rain will linger into the early morning commute on Monday, as well.

DT 4 RPMb 12KM WxType Stationary6

Be sure to tune in to Channel 4 News over the weekend.  Nancy Van Camp will track these various waves of rain, and share all you need to know about our weather next week.


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