March 7: Warm and Windy, Late-Week Storms, Daily Links


Yesterday’s weather was nothing short of spectacular!  The beautiful sunset Sunday evening made it even better…

We’re not going to see as much sunshine the next few days, but temperatures are still going to be unseasonably mild for the foreseeable future.  Temperatures today will be well above average, with a mix of clouds and sun overhead:

It will definitely be breezy, though — wind gusts won’t be strong enough to necessitate a Wind Advisory, but today’s a good day to keep both hands on the wheel:

Temperatures won’t drop much tonight, remaining in the 50s across most of the Midstate:

Even warmer Tuesday!  Once again, variably cloud skies overhead, but once again strong southerly winds will help warm us up significantly:

The warmest days of the week look to be Wednesday and Thursday…but even the coolest high temperature in the 7-day forecast is above-normal:
7 Day PM
The 20% rain chance Tuesday and Wednesday is just the result of me hedging my bets…I think we’ll stay dry, but it’s the “just in case” chance a shower or two breaks off the pack and heads our way from the west.

One of the big national weather stories will be that rain out to our west — parts of Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Louisiana are in for several inches of rain this week, which will likely cause some significant flooding problems:

Eventually the system responsible for that rain will get a kick in our direction — off-and-on showers and thunderstorms Thursday will give way to more widespread and heavier rain Friday and Saturday.  Total rainfall amounts from the European forecast model are in the 1″-3″ range — certainly soggy, but likely not enough to cause flooding issues around here:
Keep in mind, that’s one forecast from one model, so your mileage will vary.  The strongest thunderstorms will probably be Saturday, but at this point it’s way to early to be worried about severe weather.  We’re not included in any extended-range risk areas from the Storm Prediction Center, and there are still a lot of questions about how this storm system will behave.  Stay tuned for updates…



A ton of nerdiness to share with you to start the new work week…

  • The flooding rains in the middle of the country this week will be fed by an atmospheric river of moisture dubbed the “Maya Express.”
  • A woman took shelter behind a vending machine during a deadly tornado, and survived.  And there’s video to prove it!
  • January and February both set preliminary global temperature records — preliminary, because the whole dataset hasn’t come in yet.  Also, how much is due to climate change, and how much is due to El Nino?
  • The drought that has helped fuel the ongoing conflict in Syria is likely the region’s worst drought in 900 years.
  • The ice sheets in Greenland are turning darker, which means they’ll melt faster.
  • A wonderfully nerdy look at why the rate at which daylight gets longer speeds up around the spring equinox.
  • You’d think the deepest part of the Pacific Ocean would be nearly silent…nope.
  • The results of the scientific study of astronaut Mark Kelly’s year in space won’t actually be released for a couple of years.  (Within that story, some new details about how Kelly’s transition back to “normal” conditions on Earth is progressing.)
  • The European Space Agency launches an ambitious mission to Mars this month.
  • Ancient volcanoes on Mars were so huge and so powerful that they tipped the entire planet.
  • New analysis of data from the New Horizons data shows that Pluto has mountaintops covered with snow…snow made from methane.
  • A (distressingly) popular internet meme claims there’s a spot in the Universe more than a billion light years across that is completely devoid of matter — in essence, a hole in the Universe.  But the thing is…no. No there isn’t.
  • Researchers thought they had solved the mystery of “fast radio bursts” from deep space.  Except they hadn’t.  And the bursts actually repeat.  The mystery deepens…
  • Scientists might have found a way to annihilate every cell in a cancerous tumor.
  • A scientific study says that internet trolls are actually psychopaths.  (I buy it.)
  • Is it possible to “train your brain” to be more motivated?
  • Brain scans show that dogs have a very special way of seeing and recognizing human faces.

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