Welcome to Meteorology 101!

In case you haven’t heard, after a chilly day tomorrow (with highs near 50 for most of us), temperatures will climb nicely over the weekend.  We expect low-md 60s!

Then, next week (beginning Monday), temperatures will pole vault to mid-late April levels!  Highs should be in the lower 70s!

DT RPM 12KM Jet Stream

The warm air will move in on a strengthening southerly breeze, ushering in an airmass that’s now over the Gulf of Mexico.  Since it’s Gulf modified air, it won’t just be warm.  It’ll also be…


That’s right — humid!  In meteorology, we use the dew point to gauge how humid an airmass is.  In all honesty, this is likely the weather term that people (non weather geeks) struggle with most.  The bottom line is, the dew point indicates how much water is in the air.


From the image above, notice that the airmass on the left has a low dew point….and therefore relatively few water molecules in it.  Just the opposite, the one on the right represents a humid airmass, with a high dew point, so there are lots of water molecules in IT.

The higher the dew point (I’m referring to when it gets VERY high), the more uncomfortable it feels outdoors because your body has to work harder to cool, through evaporation.

Alright…with all that covered, here’s a look at dew points tonight.  Notice Biloxi, Panama City, and Lafayette (Louisiana) have dew points in the 60s!


Now, notice how our dew points will climb as we get toward and beyond the middle of next week!

SO….get mentally prepared for not just a warm week ahead…but also an increasingly humid one, with higher dew points!

In the meantime, it’s just chilly with spots of mist, drizzle, and fog.  Some of that fog could make for driving problems overnight.  Before you hit the road tomorrow, be sure to tune in to Paul Heggen & Melanie Layden on Channel 4 News Today.  They’ll let you know where the trickiest spots with the lowest visibility happen to be.


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