Everything but the Kitchen Sink!

I feel for meteorologists who work in Southern California.  Sure…..they have fog to track, mountain snow at times, and shifting winds that propel wildfires, but honestly, their weather pales in comparison to ours for level of excitement!  Middle Tennessee’s weather’s almost like reading a good suspense novel!  It has wild twists and turns, especially as winter draws to a close.  I start work each day, anxious to see what the computer models reveal for the next 10-14 days.  Tonight’s weather outlook won’t disappoint!

First, after showers yesterday and sunshine today, rain will return tomorrow.  Not only will it be rain….in spots, we’ll have a little wet snow or sleet mix in at the onset!  If winter weather driving worries you, don’t be concerned.  Roads will be just wet….certainly not white!  FUTURECAST for tomorrow shows it’s progression well…


On Friday, sunshine will try to return.  It will in most spots.  Clouds will hang on as long as they can though.  Because of that, temperatures will struggle to reach 50 degrees.  They’ll hold in the 40s in many communities, actually.


The weekend looks fantastic!  We’ll have a mix of clouds and sunshine and milder air — lower 60s for temps!

Then, broad southerly flow will develop at all levels of the atmosphere early next week.  This will mark a big shift in our weather pattern.  What this means for us is even warmer conditions, more humidity, more clouds, and a return of scattered showers & thunderstorms by the middle of the week.


Long range indications are that outside of a day or two possibly in the upper 50s, this very mild pattern will continue through all of next week and into the FOLLOWING week — essentially into mid March!

SO….after tomorrow’s few sleet pellets or wet snowflakes end, say “Hello spring” and “Sayonara winter!”

Tonight, on Channel 4 News at 10pm, Lisa Spencer will have an update on your out-the-door forecast for tomorrow.



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