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Our Weather: Very Little Pressure, Today!

Sometimes when the weather situation’s complicated, our 4WARN Weather Blog might seem more like a 4WARN Weather Book!  Tonight will be just the opposite though.  Tonight’s is more of a Cliffs Notes version.  The reason — I can share my message succinctly:  the air pressure … Continue reading

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February 24: Rain To Snow, Warmer Weekend, Daily Links

WEATHER Big changes ongoing today, as the major storm system that brought last night’s rain continues to move off to our northeast.  Once again, the best chance of severe thunderstorms will be hundreds of miles away from us, and once … Continue reading

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Surviving the Storm

There is the possibility of thunderstorms mainly in southern Middle Tennessee overnight.  Dan did a great job of updating the weather changes over the next 36 hours in his blog.  It is a good reminder that spring and severe weather … Continue reading

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UPDATE: Heavy Rain, Thunder, Cold, & Snow

The storm we’ve been telling you about for several days now is well underway.  Here’s a look at 4WARN Live Doppler Radar as of 8:00pm tonight… It shows rain for nearly all of Middle TN, with a good portion of if … Continue reading

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February 23: Rain, Storms…Snow? And Daily Links

WEATHER Lots to talk about in the forecast over the next 48 hours, as a major storm system tracks directly through the Midstate.  Those words sound ominous, but it’s actually a good thing: The severe weather threat on the south … Continue reading

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WILD Weather About to Return!

This month has been incredible with its sharp twists & turns in our weather.  February’s normally a fickle month, but this one especially has almost been off the charts!  More wild changes are in store for this week, too! The next round … Continue reading

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Be a 4WARN Storm Spotter

Love the weather? Love watching storms? We would love to have you as a 4WARN Weather spotter.  But you will need a little training.  Your opportunity to get that training is at hand. We do have some thunderstorms in our … Continue reading

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February 22: Thunderstorms AND Snow This Week, Daily Links

WEATHER Mostly cloudy skies prevailed over the weekend, but at least the clouds didn’t hamper our temperatures — we made it well into the 60s Saturday and Sunday.  We won’t be QUITE that warm today, but this afternoon’s highs should … Continue reading

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What a Weekend to Take a Plunge

It’s mid-February, who would guess it would be 67 degrees at 8:00pm.  But that is the case.  The entire weekend will be unseasonably mild…lows in the 50s and highs in the 60s.  The lows will be warmer than the average high … Continue reading

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Teachers & Kids: A FUN Way to Learn About Weather!

I spent my morning on this beautiful Friday at Granbery Elementary School in Nashville, talking to 155 1st graders about weather — what a great group of bright kids! Weather’s such a fun science that impacts everyone!  When I speak at … Continue reading

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