It’s Baaaacccckkk!!

After a several month break, it’s back!!  I’m talking about pollen!  We closed the book on ragweed late last fall.  Now….just in the last week, pollen’s begun to flood the air once again!

Right now, visual signs are limited.  You look around and it still looks like winter in most areas.


However, here and there, we’re starting to see pockets of spring pop up!  Look at some of the maple trees below showing a faint reddish color, because their buds have begun to grow.  This was in West Nashville earlier today.


I took this photo of a beautiful saucer magnolia (below), just down the street from our tv station this afternoon, too…


While these sights sure are beautiful, many seasonal allergy sufferers are beginning to pay the price.  Check out the pollen count today…


If you’re one of those people already needing a box of tissues nearby at all times, here are a few tips (if you’re new to the area) or reminders (if you’re a veteran sniffler) to get you through the next few months:

1) On high pollen days, keep the windows of your house closed….especially on those that are windy.

2) Keep your car windows rolled up and use the air conditioner instead.

3) Shower/wash your hair before going to bed, so allergens you’ve accumulated throughout the day don’t get on your pillow and sheets.

4) If you take allergy medicine like a daily antihistamine, try to anticipate when you’ll head outdoors and take it 30 minutes beforehand.  Of course, always follow the instructions of your doctor when taking any medicine.  His/her advice trumps all.

Tomorrow, the pollen count will fall nicely from today’s 7.0 to just 1.8, thanks to rain and thunderstorms that will move through.  Speaking of storms, some in our area could be strong-severe.  Coming up tonight at 10pm, Lisa Spencer will update you on the timing.  Tomorrow, on Channel 4 News today, Paul Heggen will track them into the west side of Tennessee, so be sure to tune in then if you’re awake.  It airs between 4 and 7am.




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