Last weekend was very mild and springlike….just not bright.  This weekend will be mild again….and THIS time, quite sunny!!


After a chilly start around freezing, temperatures will recover nicely tomorrow afternoon.  As noted in the graphic above, the wind will pick up some tomorrow, but it won’t be terribly windy.  We’ll just have a light breeze — southwest winds, 5-15 mph.

DT CITYCAST 3D1_EffectRandomDots_16x9

Here’s a little more detail for some of our largest cities…

On Sunday, it’ll be even warmer!  In fact, those heading out for church, breakfast, errands, etc around 9am on Sunday will already get to enjoy temperatures in the low-mid 50s!

Sunday night, clouds will roll in with a few showers.  That’ll represent our next chance for rain.  Any showers that do move through though will be insignificant, as depicted below in FUTURECAST.

Right now, the day next week we need to watch most closely is Super Tuesday — Election Day!  Then, we expect rain and some thunderstorms to move through.  It’s unclear whether or not they’ll be severe at this point in time.  There’s tremendous uncertainty regarding the exact track of the low pressure center.  Does it pass just to our south (as one of the latest computer models indicates), or pass well north of us over the Midwest (as another more reliable model shows)?  Getting a better handle on that will be key!  If it passes to our north, moisture return from the Gulf of Mexico looks only marginally supportive for severe storms.  Wind in the upper atmosphere looks impressive, but not off the charts.  It appears that if we do have any strong-severe storms, they’d most likely be damaging wind producers as opposed to anything else, based on the wind field through the atmosphere.  We must respect the time of year — climatology.  Tuesday will be March 1st and we’ve had MANY outbreaks of severe weather in the month of March.  So…there’s much to consider and still plenty of unanswered questions.  We’ll likely get a better handle on how it’ll all play out as we head through the weekend.

SO…be sure to tune in to Channel 4 News this weekend on Saturday, Sunday, or both.  Nancy Van Camp will share her latest thoughts as new information comes in, then.


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