Our Weather: Very Little Pressure, Today!

Sometimes when the weather situation’s complicated, our 4WARN Weather Blog might seem more like a 4WARN Weather Book!  Tonight will be just the opposite though.  Tonight’s is more of a Cliffs Notes version.  The reason — I can share my message succinctly:  the air pressure with our storm that passed overhead this morning was nearly RECORD BREAKING!

At the Nashville International Airport at 5:17am, the air pressure was recorded at 29.18″ of mercury!  The lowest ever recorded here was very close to that — 29.08″ of mercury, set in 1902 and then again in 1984.

The reason for the very low air pressure is the powerful storm that moved overhead.  Just like with a hurricane, the pressure was lowest at the center of the storm.  Its track took it just west of Nashville.


Tonight, that storm’s pulling away into the Midwest.  As cold air moves in in its wake, rain showers are turning to snow showers.  For most of you, any snow that falls overnight won’t accumulate.  Along the Cumberland Plateau and the eastern Highland Rim however, some light accumulations will be possible by morning.  See the map below.  There, it’ll stick primarily to elevated surfaces (grass, roofs, decks, etc).  However, some bridges, overpasses, and secondary roads could get slick where steady snow falls most heavily.


This evening, on Channel 4 News at 10pm, Lisa Spencer will show you where the snow will be most significant through the rest of the night.

Then, on Channel 4 News Today, from 4am to 7am (tune in whenever you get up), the morning team will guide you around any slick spots on roads in our eastern communities…and pass along any school closures.


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