LATEST: Here Comes the Snow!

I’m sure you’ve heard by now, a BIG winter storm’s coming our way!  That hasn’t changed and it won’t.  A few people have asked me today….”Could this just fizzle?  Could we end up with nothing?”  For most of us, there’s NO shot at that happening.  If that were to happen anywhere, it’d be over far southeastern Middle Tennessee, where amounts look to be the lightest.  The storm headed our way is too dynamic (too much energy), has too much moisture from the Gulf of Mexico, and too much cold air (it’ll actually manufacture some of its own…that’s how strong this storm will be!) to fizzle on us.  SO….make sure you’re ready and remain informed…on Channel 4,, and via social media (like this blog, twitter, and facebook).  We’re bringing in extra crews tomorrow to cover this storm.  We’re also staging some in Hopkinsville to report on it as it rolls in!

Things to Know:  If you’re in Clarksville, Hopkinsville, Paris, or Camden, I wouldn’t try traveling at all tomorrow.  In Nashville….if you have to be out and about, do it very early.  When the rain turns over to snow, it’ll do it in a hurry and start sticking/making slick roads quickly!  Murfreesboro, east and southeast toward Cookeville and Manchester will have just wet conditions for most of the day, with problems developing on roads there late tomorrow and tomorrow night.

As I write, now, rain’s overspreading southern Middle TN, approaching Nashville.  A good chunk of what you see on 4WARN Live Doppler isn’t reaching the ground yet though (virga).  The encircled part is (reaching the ground)…


Temperatures are a concern over northern parts of the area.  There, we’re at freezing or just below.


We’ll have some freezing rain developing in that zone overnight.  Most susceptible to ice accumulation will be bridges, overpasses, metal (cars and railings), decks, front porches, etc.  If temperatures hang right at freezing, roads shouldn’t be affected much at all, but still be careful out & about.


Look at the stream of moisture pouring in from the south (notice the arrows).  We’ll get that rain overnight.


Then, the two circled areas will join forces and expand significantly, eventually becoming the batch of snow that gets most of us tomorrow.

At 7am tomorrow, Clarksville and points north & west will have all snow.  Farther south, it’ll be transitioning that way or be just plain rain.

DT 4 RPMb 4KM WxType Stationary

Wet snow and sleet will likely begin to mix with rain by mid-morning tomorrow in Nashville as shown here, before becoming all snow by around 12noon.

By noon, Clarksville and areas northeast and southwest of Clarksville will likely have several inches of snow on the ground!  By 3pm, Nashville should have at least an inch of snow, if not more!  Meanwhile, steady snow will be sliding farther east.

DT 4 RPM 4KM WxType Stationary4

Our best opportunity for significant snow will come before 6pm.  After 6pm, I don’t anticipate many areas getting more than an additional inch, if that.  A few will, but most won’t.  The reason is this system will be transferring energy to a developing storm off the eastern seaboard, so we’ll just be dealing with dissipating areas of light snow and snow showers, with the bands of heavy snow in our rearview mirrors, by then.  What that means is road crews should make significant progress on cleaning this up, tomorrow night (as opposed to having to wait until Saturday).

How much will we get?  Here are our latest thoughts…


That puts the majority of Davidson County in 2″ – 4″!  The farther northwest you are in Davidson county, the more you’ll get.  The area in pink is VERY likely to get at least 4″.  That’s tremendous for Middle Tennessee!  I think most of that corridor gets a half foot, with some numbers coming in in isolated communities of 8″…..and possibly 10″.

In addition to the snow, it’ll be turning colder and very windy as we head into Friday afternoon and evening.  It’ll seem like we’ve packed our bags and transplanted Middle Tennessee to the Northeast!

SO….take advantage of the next few hours while you still have time to raid the Red Box, stock the fridge, and buy a snow shovel and a sled….if you can still find one :)!



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  1. John says:

    Great post! Thanks for the update

  2. Barbara Eubank says:

    Thanks loved your take on the weather.

  3. Theresa Smith says:

    Please make a space for Ft Campbell Schools on your schools’ map. You are leaving part of your listeners out…Ft Campbell bucks right up to Trigg and are beside Montgomery. Your closest Military post!!! Don’t you think they should be included? They serve our country, the least your channel could do is to let the families know about being out and the many civilians
    that work in that school system. And too you should say when the post is closed for weather related issues. Thank you… You are the only Nashville channel I watch!

  4. Gee, do I drive from Rutherford county to Nashville for work just to turn around and turn back for home? Hmmm this should be interesting in the am.

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