The Fog is Freezing…What?

So here we are the night after getting a mix of snow and freezing rain across Middle Tennessee. Now temperatures are slipping below freezing and black ice is beginning to form.  You know the ice you can’t see that causes so many accidents.  Well if that weren’t enough for us to deal with on the roads tonight and tomorrow morning, now there is freezing fog.  What is that? you may ask.

Well, it is similar to “freezing rain”, in that fact that “freezing rain” looks like rain when it’s falling, but when it hits the ground it forms ice.  “Freezing fog” looks like fog but the little droplets that make up fog will freeze and form ice when they come in contact with a cold object.

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The official definition from the Glossary of Weather and Climate  says freezing fog is “a fog whose supercooled droplets freeze upon contact with exposed cold objects and form a coating of rime and /or glaze”.

The National Weather Service has issued a Freezing Fog Advisory for much of Middle Tennessee until 9am Thursday morning.  The conditions are right for freezing fog.  There is a lot of low level moisture in place from today’s winter mix.  The winds will continue to be light to near calm.  Now add to that the falling temperatures; temperatures falling below freezing.  That’s the recipe.


So in addition to the melted snow and ice refreezing, now we have more black ice being produced by freezing fog.  And keep in mind that fog is like a cloud sitting on the ground, so the visibility will be reduced.



Best advice is to stay off the roads, but if you must get out, be sure to give yourself extra time and drive slowly.

Snow lovers, if looks like Friday will be your day.

Lisa Spencer 🙂


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