January 19: Cold Today, Snow/Ice Tomorrow


Our first significant chance of wintry weather is now less than 24 hours away, but it’s still a very complicated forecast.  Winter forecasts always are — there’s typically a very sharp gradient between “cold rain” and “good heavens, that’s a LOT of snow!”  Within today’s video blog, I discuss:

  • Another very cold day today
  • When the first snow/sleet will arrive in the Midstate
  • How the system will evolve, including the areas mostly likely to see more snow, and the areas more likely to see a faster changeover to cold rain.
  • The snowiest, least-snowy, and most-likely scenarios in terms of snow and ice accumulation.
  • A brief look at the NEXT chance of snow later this week.


And since I have shaded my forecast in the direction of the “less snowy” solution for Nashville, watch me live out this GIF tomorrow morning:
Because Murphy’s Law is real and unstoppable.

Look for updates on social media (and on our newscasts, or course) as new data comes in!

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