Smooth Sailing for Holiday Travelers

Have you been sharing your house with friends or family members for a while now?  Do you know people who have come to town just to celebrate the new year in the “It city”?  If so, chances are they’re shipping out this weekend, heading back to their respective homes.


The good news is two fold.  First, you’ll obviously soon regain control of your favorite spot on the couch.  Second, your guests will have no problems returning home, weatherwise, assuming they’re going by car.

Here’s a look at travel weather for tomorrow…


Sunday looks equally good.  There may just be a few showers on arrival for people heading down to Jacksonville or into the Florida peninsula.


If you’re staying put, in hopes of kicking off the new year with some r&r, you’ve chosen well!  It’s going to continue to be chilly, but not cold like we’ve never seen before.  Actually, most of the next seven days will be very typical of early January, thanks to a weather pattern shift that’s allowed Canadian air to take over much of the Lower 48.


Sunshine will dominate by late New Year’s Day afternoon, too….and linger for a while into next week.  After all the clouds and the rain we’ve had in recent weeks, we could use it!  Happy New Year to you & yours!



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