Giving Thanks? Don’t Leave Out the Jet Stream

As so many of you gather with family and/or friends tomorrow and reflect on what you’re thankful for, consider showing love for the jet stream!  The reason?  The jet stream’s responsible for our outstanding Thanksgiving forecast!  Here it is, in case you’ve missed it….


The jet stream is the ribbon of fastest moving air in our upper atmosphere.  Speeds within it often top 150mph.  The jet stream helps produce and move large storm systems.  It also often serves as a dividing line between unusually cold air (to its north) and warmer than average air (to its south).

The map below shows an example of a scenario we often have in late summer or early fall.  In this example, Middle TN is on the warm side, enjoying pleasant and dry weather.


Here’s a look at the jet stream’s position for early tomorrow.


Because of its position, the warmest weather will be along the Gulf Coast, well south of the jet stream, where highs in New Orleans and Tallahassee will near 80 degrees!  Some of the coldest weather (obviously, north of the jet stream) will be over the northern Rockies.  Boise, Idaho for example might not have temperatures climb above freezing until the middle of next week!

The jet stream is an especially key player in our weather during winter!  Its position often means the difference between an inch of rain or a foot of snow!!  More on that in the months to come….

Happy Thanksgiving!


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