Haunting Halloween Weather

A “Monster Storm” is developing this weekend.  For  Halloween in Middle Tennessee it means some “Scary Showers”.  Temperatures will be “Candy Corn Cool” with highs in the mid 60s.  I can remember working at Weather Channel, we had a Halloween map filled with all these silly, but fun weather descriptions.


Falling in the middle of Autumn, Halloween is known for being inconsistent from year to year. Fall is a transition season, just like spring, which means the weather change, change back and change again. Some days will be summer-like warm and some will be winter-like cold and everything in between, even rain and snow. We have had all of that in Middle Tennessee in past Halloweens. Remember last year when the wind was wicked. Look at these extremes for Nashville, from highs in the 80s to snow on the pumpkin.

Blog Halloween Climate Extremes

This is a good reminder that weather is short term and highly variable. 
But,there is more consistency in the long term climate trend. According to my colleagues at Climate Central, Octobers across the United States continue to warm, nearly 2°F since 1970.  

Blog Halloween Climate Extremes US
If you don’t like hearing about changes to the climate, stop here. Otherwise, keep going.
Similar to Octobers, Autumn as a season, is warming across the country. That warming is likely effecting fall foliage patterns.

Photo by  Justin Priami

Photo by Justin Priami

Research shows this warming is also reflected in the length of the growing season, which is increasing substantially in much of the U.S.  Climate Central points out that the buildup of greenhouse gases from the burning of fossil fuels has already warmed the planet, and will continue to do so in the future. “On our current path of carbon dioxide emissions, we would expect the number of unusually cold Halloweens to decrease gradually over this century”.

For more information on changes in our Climate, check out Climate Central new website


Whatever the weather this year, Happy Halloween!

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