As Halloween approaches, so does the annual Taurid meteor shower!  This shower, well known for generating some spectacular fireballs, is produced when Earth passes through debris from Comet Encke.


Comet Encke, discovered in 1786, is shown above (courtesy of Michael Holloway).

In some years, this fireball show’s better than others.  In fact, in 2005, the show lasted two weeks (from October 28th through November 10th)!

Hiroyuki Iida took the picture below on Oct. 28, 2005, from Toyama, Japan.  Fireballs like the one shown here are especially bright with clear trail left behind.


While Earth will be in its best position for fireball encounters this weekend, our 4WARN Weather Team is calling for clouds….from start to finish.

SO….give it a whirl Friday night, if you like.  The best time to venture outdoors for a look is around midnight.  Monday night should also work, as clouds depart behind our weekend rain system….assuming the show’s still going on.



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