July 31: A Hot-But-Not-Humid Weekend Forecast


The humidity dropped dramatically throughout the day yesterday…the dew point dropped from 74 at 5am, all the way to 57 by 2pm!  To put that in perspective:
Dew Point Scale Increasing

Dew points will stay in the “comfortable” range all day:

Which means these temperatures this afternoon will feel like the actual temperatures…no worries about the heat index today:
PAUL RPM 4KM Temperature

Pleasantly hot weather will stick around through the weekend:
Don’t worry about that 10% chance for Sunday — that’s the meteorologist’s way of saying “I can’t completely rule out a shower, so I’d better err on the safe side.”

A better chance of storms enters the forecast by the middle of next week, but we’ll worry about that after the weekend.
7 Day PM



Some good stuff for the last nerd-link festival of the week…

  • As the duration and scope of hot summertime temperatures increases thanks to climate change, the annoyance of various summertime pests will also increase.
  • Mentioned this on the air this morning…there’s an interactive map that shows every wildfire in the United States — California has been getting the national media attention, but Alaska looks dreadful.
  • California’s rain debt is now equal to a full year’s worth of precipitation.
  • Mentioned this on the air as well — today’s full moon is a “blue moon.”  (Note: it’s not literally blue.)
  • Isaac Asimov once said that “the most exciting phrase in science is not ‘Eureka!’ but ‘that’s funny…'”  I bring it up because the Cassini probe orbiting Saturn observed some odd red streaks on the surface of one of Saturn’s moons.
  • The successor to the Hubble Space Telescope is about to take the first steps from concept to reality.
  • The Philae lander that touched down on comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko (how’s THAT for a name) might have sent back it’s last transmission.
  • But Philae sent back so much intriguing data before it went silent.  The most-interesting part of this article is kind of buried at the end: “Many scientists think that the chemical building blocks for life on Earth might have been delivered by a comet — and 67P’s contents are doing little to dissuade researchers from that train of thought.”
  • NASA confirmed the discovery of the nearest rocky planet outside our own solar system — “only” 21 light-years away.
  • Back on Earth: meet the first new species of canine found in 150 years.
  • Thoughts occur in your head, right?  Well, maybe.

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