June 22: Heat Wave, Daily Links

12:30PM UPDATE: Some scattered storms have popped up in the heat and humidity, mostly in the western half of the Midstate.  So your odds of a brief cool-down courtesy of Mother Nature are better than when I typed this morning’s post…but it’s still far from a guarantee you’ll see even that brief cool-down.  No severe concerns, just garden-variety stuff.


Hazy, hot and humid weather will prevail for most of the week…not exactly a surprise this time of year!  While temperatures will be hot, they won’t be record-setting:

Yup, it will be humid, too.  Dew points will consistently remain around 70 degrees, which is the tipping point between “uncomfortably muggy” and “oppressively humid.”
Dew Point Scale Increasing

Factoring in the combination of heat and humidity, the heat index will reach up to around 100 degrees this afternoon, between 100 and 105 Tuesday through Thursday.  The usual hot-weather advice applies…this is all common-sense stuff, so just think of me as an overprotective parent reminding you of things you already knew:
LS 2013 Heat Wave Pattern

Far be it from me to offer hairstyle advice (I’m just happy mine is still attached), but this might be a good week for you ladies to just rock the ponytail:

Storm chances will remain pretty limited for the next several days — just a few “radar freckles” popping up in the heat and humidity every afternoon, but there’s only a 20% chance of one of those pop-up storms paying you a brief visit.  The exception to that is a slightly better storm chance in southern Kentucky and northern Middle Tennessee late Tuesday afternoon.  One of our Futurecast models is pretty optimistic…

Another model thinks that the rain chances will stay off to our north.  (I’m leaning this way in my forecast, but I’m willing to be pleasantly surprised by some rain):

Some relief from the heat and humidity is possible by the weekend!  An unusually strong (for this time of year) cold front will approach us on Friday — the exact timing of when that front will move through will be subject to plenty of revision between now and the end of the work week.  Whenever it arrives (at this point I’m thinking Friday night), we’ll see a better chance of strong storms…it’s waaaaaay too soon right now to worry very much about our severe weather potential, but Friday afternoon through Saturday morning looks like the time frame we’ll have to keep an eye on:

Once the front moves through, cooler temperatures and lower humidity will settle in for a few days.  Sunday is looking pretty good at this point!  Keep in mind, forecast certainly decreases as we look farther into the future, so stay tuned for updates this week.
7 Day PM



Lots of interesting science stuff from around the interwebs today…

  • Yesterday marked the official arrival of summer…here’s some trivia about the summer solstice.
  • Using lasers to create “lightning tunnels” could allow us to control the location of cloud-to-ground lightning strikes…eventually.
  • An interesting and encouraging story: How people of faith are tackling climate change.
  • Not so encouraging: we might be living through the sixth mass extinction in Earth’s history.
  • Saturn’s moon Titan is even more like Earth than previously thought — there’s weather there!
  • The biggest nerd-debate of the last fifteen years apparently isn’t over: is Pluto a planet?
  • When the Hubble Space Telescope wears out, something will have to take its place…but not without controversy.
  • I’ve been known to drop a few “Schrodinger’s cat” jokes/references on Twitter…but new research into quantum superposition suggests I may have to find new material.
  • Beyond left-brain/right-brain: the brains of emotional people and rational people are actually structured differently.
  • Among the usual summertime reminders is “stay hydrated” — but is it possible to be too hydrated?


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