May 18: scattered storms, early look at Memorial Day, daily links


Scattered showers and thunderstorms will be possible the rest of the day…it’s the same weather pattern we saw over the weekend, so expect more of the same — hit and miss storms, with breaks in between allowing temperatures to warm up to the low 80s.  A weak cold front will work its way through tonight, pushing the rain chances down to our south on Tuesday…but more importantly, that front will bring lower humidity levels to the Midstate.

Dew points will remain in the 60s today, which equates to “noticeable and unpleasant” in real-world terms.  But check out the change in dew points from this afternoon to tomorrow afternoon:

It will still be warm Tuesday and Wednesday, but “pleasantly warm” for this time of year.  Even folks along the Tennessee-Alabama state line should be able to feel a difference in the mugginess by late Tuesday afternoon.

Looking ahead to Memorial Day weekend, it looks like we’ll be transitioning back into the warm-and-muggy pattern, which also leads to at least a chance of storms each day.  Right now I think Saturday will be mostly dry, with just a very slight shower/storm chance.  A slightly higher chance Sunday, but at this point you still have good odds of doing outdoor stuff without much interference from Mother Nature.  At this point, Memorial Day itself is looking like the most unsettled day, with a pretty good chance of scattered storms:

The usual extended forecast caveats apply — the weekend is still a long way off, there’s time for the weather pattern to change, yada yada yada.  We’ll keep you updated as the unofficial beginning of summer gets closer.



A few weather-related stories today, plus some other science nerdiness…

  • Big storms through the middle of the country again over the weekend.  Straight-line winds even knocked a train off the tracks in Iowa.
  • In one of the driest places in the world, they don’t rely on rain for moisture — instead, they trap the moisture out of fog banks.
  • In Europe, they’re testing out a “solar road“.  I wonder: does it get potholes?
  • The internet might be running out of space.  I blame cat videos.
  • An interesting bit of mind candy for a Monday: the sometimes-fuzzy dividing line between physics and philosophy.
  • Some physicists haven’t given up hope of finding a unifying “theory of everything.”
  • The search for the oldest stars in the cosmos, plus a compelling profile of one of the astronomers involved in that search.

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