March 4 Winter Storm

The bottom line at this point is that Wednesday and Wednesday night are looking very messy across Middle Tennessee and southern Kentucky…but there are still a lot of different ways for that messiness to unfold…and even a couple of ways for it to NOT be messy at all!  I outline some of those ways in the video, but keep in mind — we’re still about 48 hours away from the first changeover from rain to ice, so there WILL be forecast revisions.  We’ll keep you posted!

5pm UPDATE: Well, the computer model data is still all over the place.  One model gives us almost an inch of sleet and then several inches of snow, one model keeps most of the wintry stuff away from us almost completely.  Right now, I’d bet that the forecast trends in the “not-as-scary” direction, but the National Weather Service has already issued a Winter Storm Watch.

Please note: while I’m passing along the information contained in their advisories, at this point I’m thinking we will get less than what the NWS is outlining.   By the time I’m on the air at 4am tomorrow, a couple of new batches of model data will be processed, and hopefully we’ll be building toward some kind of consensus.  For right now, I’d still view Wednesday as potentially a very messy day, especially in the evening and overnight.  But I’m more optimistic than I was this morning regarding our chances of seeing a lower-impact winter storm.  Like I said above the video, there WILL be forecast revisions…it’s inevitable with a complex setup like this.

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14 Responses to March 4 Winter Storm

  1. grfrazier says:

    Weren’t you guys predicting almost 70 degree temps for this week just a couple days ago?

    What the h*^&!

  2. weatherpyro says:

    I have pondered over this question for a while, but I believe it’s finally time to ask an expert on ice and snow and weather. How exactly does the ice decrease the amount of snow accumulation we receive? Is it because of the moisture it takes, or is it because of the way they interact… I’m just not sure. Because every time something like this happens you guys say that “there will be significantly less snow accumulation because of the ice in the area.” I understand this when there is a mix, but when it goes from ice to all snow, is it the same way?

  3. Buddy Jovi says:

    I heard it’s supposed to snow behind deep to a giraffe. I hope the cloth diaper changing van can also make it up our hill this time.

    • RickDale says:

      We had the same problem last snow. Diaper van couldn’t make it up to our house because some guy plowed into him with his Silverado truck and tore up our neighbors car and mailbox. Like watching billy goats on roller skates

      • Sandytimmes says:

        I see these diaper vans everywhere now. Who uses these cloth diaper services and why is it always during inclement weather they are stranded everywhere in their conversion vans? I saw the van get smashed by a work truck, drove right past it. I think the man in the work truck was drinking. He was acting wild.

      • Colin says:

        I am right there with you on why is it every time it rains or snows there are diaper vans stranded all over town. We had one in our subdivision that ran into a light pole and dislodged his engine and it fell out of his ratty ole van right on the ground. It’s been abandoned there for 12 days now. Snow storm in Nashville = stranded clunker diaper vans!

  4. claybor says:

    Gosh I hope it’s not as icy as last time. We had a Domino’s pizza man slide into the slide of our house and tore our kitchen window into smithereens. I think he was driving too fast and it tore the mess out of his Mazda Miata. Totaled it I think.

    • Harvey says:

      This thread caught my eye and I couldn’t help but chuckle reading some of these incidents because its so true. We ordered a pizza from Papa Johns during the last round of ice storms and the poor guy slid into the ditch a bit and got stuck. Upon realizing he was stuck he continued to keep his foot on the accelerator thinking more gas would ultimately get him unstuck. This is not true. The heat from the friction of the tire spinning eventally started a fire and his sweet tuner version Honda Accord went up in flames ALONG WITH OUR PIZZA! By the time the firefighters got there it was pretty much a melted hunk of metal. People kept telling him to stop revving the engine and spinning the tires but he kept saying “I’m almost out”.

  5. barraman says:

    We don’t need these unskilled salt truck drivers out again. I literally saw one of these truck plows smash in the side of a car and nearly ripped the door off another car with his plow as he came down our hill. Talk about making matters worse. I haven’t seen something that crazy since a construction forklift operator swung around and tore the roof off a Camry that was parked down the street

  6. J Robert says:

    My neighbor said he’s been salting the two hills by our houses this morning because he thinks we are going to get 4 inches of ice or more. He’s worried he will end up with a yard full of smashed cars like two weeks ago. I asked him how much salt he bought and he said 5lbs. Good luck with that, I have more salt on my dinner table than that.

  7. Rod's Neighbor says:

    My neighbor loves him some of these ice storms. It’s the perfect cover story for him to drive his truck a little liquored up. If he puts er in the ditch he just blames it on the icy roads. He gets feistier than a coon in a closed trash can being cooped up in his house all day. He took his Chevy Coloraydo out in the back field last time. 3am in the morning I see these bright lights shining through my bedroom windows. Like a bunch of them lights that they use for grand openings and whatnot. Anyways, I shot out of bed like a cat hitting water cuz I thought some damn aliens were coming to beam me up in their spacecraft. I crawled to my bedroom window to peek outside and what do you know, it was Rod my neighbor. Decided he wanted to have a little joyride through the back pasture. I don’t know how he wasn’t spilling his Budweiser tall boys cuz he was bouncin over shrubs and logs like they were toothpicks, that’s what was makin his headlights do all those funny things. Man, I hope we don’t get no more ice.

  8. Sally says:

    These poor weather folks have been crazy busy the past few weeks and it’s tough to get the weather right in Nashville but let’s hope they are wrong about all this snow and ice. I’ve seen some reports that say anywhere up to 12 inches. We don’t need another bout of ice like we had in February, that was a disaster with only 2 inches of snow/ice. I could retire early for every crazy salt truck incident I ran across on my commutes. One snowplow driver wasn’t paying attention and drove his plow into the back of a car in the driveway and he careened into a drainage ditch. Literally ripped the entire back end of a car off. Did he care? Heck no, got out drinking his coffee and talking on his cellphone like nothing happened. These guys are not trained or equipped to deal with this stuff. In another instance a private snowplow ended up accidentally dumping his entire load of salt at once at the end of a cul-de-sac. Talk about a mess.

  9. Trevor says:

    Snow chains folks! Snow chains are always a good bet unless you’re a moron like my neighbor and don’t know how to properly install them. My neighbor thought snow chains would do the trick and asked me to ride with him to Arrington to pick up a horse trailer. You must make sure they are secure but my neighbor forgot to fasten them and hopped on the interstate and they started banging the $&#@ out of his fender and slapping it and dented the horse#$&@ out of his 6 month old Ford 150 truck. To end with a bang, while he was driving down I-65 he lost the front two and the rear two were both sparking and slapping his truck like a scene from Trains Planes and Automobiles. The man we went to pick the trailer up at in Arrington at the farm looked at my neighbor like he was a moron.

  10. Ethan says:

    This post is so freaking hilarious. How did I miss this last year? I hope we get more stories like this tomorrow. They are putting enough salt and brine down tonight to choke a mule but I hope we get 6 inches and the funny stories come rolling in.

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